1900103_10202797969367252_334983743_nBorn and raised St. Louis, Mo. on a healthy diet of news programming, pop culture, black history and “snark,” Danielle Belton, daughter of loving “regular folk” and wife of no one, examines the irreverent side of American life. With two million readers in less than two years, Belton is best known as the editor/writer of the pop culture-meets-politics blog The Black Snob.

Belton is currently Editor-At-Large for Clutch Magazine Online, and was recently head writer for the late night television show Don’t Sleep hosted by T. J. Holmes on BET.

The Black Snob has earned critical acclaim, appearing in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Observer (UK), The Daily Beast, Essence Magazine, The Associated Press, The American Prospect, as well as appearing on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, Good Morning America, HLN, ABC’s Nightline, Al Jazeera English, CCTV and Russia Today.

As a commentator, Belton is also a regular contributor to NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin, PBS’ To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe and CNN Sundays. Before that, she was a regular roundtable contributor on NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya in 2008.

As a freelance journalist, Belton has written for: Essence Magazine, MSNBC,, The American Prospect, BP Magazine, theGrio, The Root,, Madame Noire, Black Enterprise, Clutch Magazine Online, The Bakersfield Californian, NPR, The New School on POTUS, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, DailyKos, The Huffington Post, Seven Magazine, Fotorater,, Cintra Wilson’s Dregublog, The Loop 21, and

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1896935_10152240919107674_1873608075_n Yesha Callahan is writer based of the Washington, D.C area.  With subjects ranging from dating, parenting to black culture, Callahan has been using her sense of humor to interact with readers of her website since 2007.

In addition to her own site, Callahan has also written for Clutch Magazine, where she was a Managing Editor, The Grio and BlogHer. She is currently a Staff Writer for The Root. With each of these outlets, she’s able to express her views on parenting, relationships, current events and black culture even more.  As an up and coming television writer, Callahan was also a writer for BET’s late night talk show, “Don’t Sleep!” hosted by former CNN news anchor T.J. Holmes. Follow her on Twitter @yeshacallahan



Jada Prather is an illustrator, painter and sculptor from New York City. He can be reached on Facebook or via email.