What Would Diddy Do?

Last weekend, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs gave a rousing speech during Howard University’s 2014 commencement. By rousing, I mean, he talked a lot about himself.  On top of the speech, Combs was also awarded a honorary Doctorate of Humanities.

But wait a minute? He ain’t even graduate? Yes, I just wrote ‘ain’t’. Deal with it.

A lot of people felt since Combs dropped out after a year, that he didn’t deserve to give the speech to a bunch of students who worked hard  all of their 7 years (I kid, but you know that 7 year plan is real in the hood) and amassed tens of thousands in student loan debt.  Sallie Mae, we hate you.

But what’s the use of a college degree if right now the only job you can get is filing papers at a law firm? Hell, trying to survive after college is sometimes harder to trying to survive if you’ve never been.

Which brings us to Unique, Kelly’s younger sister. Unique dropped out of Howard, just like Diddy, bought a ticket for the Bolt bus and decided to leave the D.C area and head to the Big Apple to make it as a rapper.

Yes, a white girl from Howard, drops out and wants to be a rapper. Whatchu say post-racial America? Anything can happen. I mean, look at Diddy!

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